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Our Mission

The mission of the Illinois Denturist Association is to bring Service, Value and Quality to the denture wearers in our state and increase opportunities for our members. The vision of the Illinois Denturist Association is to work tirelessly to improve the statutes that would enable denture therapists and denturists help underserved populations.

Coming Events

Visit the Coming Events Page for upcoming meetings and more. Click here for more info…

Legislation News

We are currently in the process of introducing legislation in the 2023 session. Click here for more info…

Did you know?

Denturists are healthcare professionals specifically educated and trained to manufacture, fit and service dentures, all from one clinic. Denturists are primary dental health care providers who provide denture care services directly to the public.


Fact vs. Myth

Denturism is pro-denture wearer, not anti-dentistry. Denturists are an educated part of the dental team and learn their trade under highly qualified education guidelines. Before obtaining licensure they must pass an examination specific to the profession. Click to read our Dentures Fact vs. Myth page…


Help the IDA

Write in Support of Denture Law Reform

Show your support for the Illinois Denturist Association by emailing your Senator in support of Denture law reform.


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